About Us

Learn more about Tammy and Tate, the talented duo!



About Tammy...

Although Tammy earned her degree in nursing, she could not quench her passion for art.  Tammy began selling her art locally when Mac and Tate were young. As the boys got older it was obvious that Mac had more of a business mind and would pursue a business degree. Tate, however, shared his mom's passion for art and would draw on just about anything. It became clear that a family venture needed to be more than just a dream so Tammy and her boys put their talents together to build a family business to share their gifts with you. You'll find Tammy's art mostly on the softer "saint" side of Saints and Sinners Art. 

About Tate...

Tate had a remarkable gift for drawing at a young age. After receiving chemotherapy for over a year at the tender age of two, Tammy and Tate used art to bring joy to many moments throughout that time. Who knew an amazing artist would emerge as God brought them through to the other side. Fortunately, when Tate started high school 3 years ago, his first art teacher recognized the level of his talent. After seeing his work during the first week of class she contacted the sophomore art teacher and had him placed a year ahead. Since that time, Tate has won numerous art contests and his work has been recognized by some of the sports figures and musicians that inspire him. Tate loves tattoo design, portraits, and some of the edgier subject matter making his art perfect for what we love referring to as the "sinner" side of Saints and Sinners Art.

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